Design and prototype for an NFT design and architecture platform, featuring website landing page, app screenshots and gallery design. 

iheartblob book app

Augmented Reality App for iheartblob – "Augmented Architectural Objects. A New Visual Language" book, where User is able to scan images from the book, launch VR experience and go through an onboarding experience with animations.

noodlefeed - public art installation with Augmented Reality application

An Augmented Reality App lets visitors leave digital traces of their time at the installation: photos, stories and drawings that can be seen by other users in physical space. This is a place that goes beyond physical senses and creates a shared augmented reality environment where people can interact in new ways and consider that the world is much more than we perceive.

Embracing the brief of a London Internet Museum the project utilises the internet and it’s collective qualities to generate the architecture. Thus with this in mind, the project develops in the form of using the internet as the platform to generate form. An application gives the user the capability to construct objects, choose recycled materials, to upload and have their work rated. The highest rated objects would be composed into a collection of emergent forms. 

At Grimshaw I am part of XR development team at Design Technology department. We collaborate with graphic designers, architects, structural engineers, project managers and IT, in order to create a product for presentations, design development, public consultations, private and public events. We are using Unity engine, with AR packages such as Vuforia, Google ARcore and others, with custom C# scripting. We devote 50% of time to R'n'D including hand tracking technology Leap Motion, Hololens and other technologies.

Sample app and video produced for a week workshop teaching students how to make AR application and simple prototype systems in Unity and deploying those to a smartphone.

Augmented Drawing produced for an architectural practice to explore spatial concepts of architectural model in physical space.

iheartblob is an augmented reality research start up, where we explore the notions of architectural concepts through the aid of emergent technologies. A series of Augmented Reality UI/UX prototypes have been developed for various XR projects, museum commissions, installations and publications.

UX/UI for Hololens

Some UI/UX prototypes and designs made for Hololens app.