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SWEEPR - Collaborative Design Tool

This project is an attempt to bring an issue of architectural profession and architects role within the industry.
Architects have always been given a ready set of tools, pen and paper, a computer, 3d-software, parametric tools, etc. Now it’s time to design our own customised tools. This project is an exploration of how collective intelligence manifests itself within a multiplayer design game environment.

Simultaneous collective cooperation has been tested through a multitude of projects, including such projects as “Twitch plays pokemon” and “Place”. Both of these projects are experiments which involved online community into creating something together.

I believe that 21st century is about community, and old model of architecture, where master architect is in charge of everything, and everyone is below him, is outdated. I am proposing a new model of architectural design and collaboration, simultaneous collaboration through network of players in a game environment. Architect’s position in built industry is shifting, and I am proposing to replace master architect with a toolmaker.

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