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re-Branding of the city

Our cities are slowly becoming readable by machines and as their diversity grows our cities identities must be embraced by all. We propose an identity which embraces digital and social diversity, each important fragment of jiaxing is represented through a collection of puzzle pieces. Each piece identifies a core piece of the jiaxing puzzle, without each piece the puzzle is incomplete - representing the desire and importance of the diverse history, architecture and society. Jiaxing is a melting pot of creativity and a unique, machine readable identity is imperative for a city looking at the future like jiaxing is. Our proposal looks at each key visual language of the city and embraces a pixel logic, similar to that of the well known QR code which allows directly for an augmented reality digital identity, making jiaxing the first city in the world with their own augmented identity, each puzzle piece exemplifies the previously stated diversity and its augmented reality application which is specifically tailored for the branding, aims to allow visitors and citizens alike the ability to leave and embrace others digital trace in the urban realm through an almost scavenger like experience. Each puzzle piece must be found to have a clear understanding of the cultural, social diversity and technological foresight of Jiaxing.


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