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This project explores the potential of Fuzzy Logic in modular assembly systems as an alternative to the standard protocols of digital fabrication. Through the use of AR, to place geometric formwork in real-space, and modules which have implicit, yet flexible, connection information, we give the assembler agency to improvise structural articulation while still arriving at an explicit goal geometry, in this case the point cloud information of a cave).  

Formal Accuracy ≠ Metric Precision

Assembly = Authorship  

Our aim is to create an assembly system based on real-time geometrical and structural intuition and evaluation. Instead of reading a set of construction documents, which describe a rigid construction sequence of explicit parts, we’ve designed a set of modules, of various scales which are able to be swapped, rotated, and flipped to perform at nearly any point within the structural whole.

Produced in collaboration with Michael Tingen.

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