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iheartblob is an augmented reality research start up, where we explore the notions of architectural concepts through the aid of emergent technologies. iheartblob was founded in 2016 by Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben Janes and Shaun McCallum as an Instagram gallery, and now it grew into a small company, working on XR projects, museum commissions, installations and publications.

First 300 posts on instagram, since then we published almost 1000 unique projects and gained 7000 followers.

1. Augmented Drawing

This project is an Augmented Reality app which allows the User to be able to walk around the AR content and trigger different additional geometry and functions. Produced in collaboration with Synthesis D+A.

Interactive AR drawing serves a purpose of physical exloration of AR content. To explore the design you must walk around, and this will trigger certain content in certain locations. App was developed in Unity, using Google ARCore package for AR, and custom C# scripting.

2. Thicc seams

This solo exhibition featured a series of installations, including physical objects, AR and animations.

Real-time animation made using Unity in HDRP.

3d pointcloud of the exhibition with overlayed AR content for reference.

3. frankentypes

Commissioned model with overlaid AR content. Produced using Vuforia package in Unity.