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iheartblob is an independent research group, where we explore the notions of architectural theory and philosophy through architectural objects. We are exploring the idea of the Architectural Object. Our discipline invests so much meaning into objects that they develop a metaphysical existence of their own; this coupled with advances in technological tools is driving us towards a singularity wherein the role we serve as architects is clearly vague.

Our project attempts to articulate both formally and verbally the crises of thought we as a discipline are encountering (for better and for worse). While we primarily draw on core tenets of OOO (Object Orientated Ontology) and Thermodynamics, we further attempt to entwine theoretical principles of post modernism, post structuralism, formalism and others.

We rely on a new visual language of architecture. Our designs are rarely seen in plan and section and rather expressed using renders, mixed realities (physical and augmented) and animations in an attempt to reflect their Lagrangian derivations. Our work invites broader conversations, and we strongly feel ideas for and against our work should be discussed. Without such discussions, our discipline is doomed to exist in a near-empty and slowly draining pool of Deluzian Parametricism pastiche, forcing architects and students alike to work derivative rather than seek out new innovations.

iheartblob was co-founded with Ben James and Shaun McCallum.

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